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A. Abandonment of Connection. Subject to the notice requirements in SPMC 13.20.070, the town may remove a water and/or sewer service connection if:

1. A service connection to the premises has been shut off by either the town (for enforcement of a delinquent bill) or by request of the owner and abandoned (no longer used); and

2. Two years have passed since the service shut-off.

B. Reconnection. If the town shuts off water service for nonpayment under SPMC 13.20.050, the property owner has two years from the date the town shut off the water to submit an application to the town for a reconnection. If the application is received within this time period, the property owner shall pay all delinquent charges as well as the town’s fees for shutting off, meter removal and reconnecting the water and/or sewer service. If the property owner submits an application for reconnection after this two-year deadline has passed, and the town has a waiting list for water and/or sewer connections, this application shall be added to the end of the waiting list. The town will also require that a new GFC be paid for reconnection of the service. [Ord. 567 § 2 (9.04.060), 2018.]