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A. The town shall keep a file of all properties to which water and/or sewer service have been disconnected under SPMC 13.20.050. During the 18th month after such disconnection, the town shall send a written notice of connection abandonment to the following individuals/entities by certified mail, return receipt requested:

1. The property owner as shown on the last billing statement;

2. The taxpayer on the property, as shown in the records of the Pierce County auditor;

3. The property owner as shown on a recent title search commissioned by the town for this purpose; and

4. All mortgagors and lien holders as shown in the recent title search.

B. The notice of connection abandonment shall attach a copy of the shut-off notice sent by the town to the property owner under SPMC 13.20.050, which informed the property owner of the town’s decision to disconnect the water and/or sewer for nonpayment, as well as a copy of this chapter. The abandonment notice shall further state that the property owner has failed to submit an application to the town to reconnect the property to the town’s water and/or sewer system or to pay outstanding charges, penalties and fees. The abandonment notice shall identify the deadline for the property owner or his/her designee to make application for reconnection, and to pay all charges due and owing to the town, which deadline shall not be less than three months from the date the notice was mailed to the individuals identified in subsection A of this section. Finally, the notice shall state that failure to take these actions shall result in an abandonment of the connection, and that in order to re-establish the connection after the deadline, the property owner would be required to submit an application for a new connection, as provided in SPMC 13.05.010. If the town has a waiting list for water and/or sewer connections, this new application would be added to the end of the waiting list and a new GFC shall be paid. [Ord. 567 § 2 (9.04.070), 2018.]