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A. When Service May Be Shut Off. Utility service to any service address may be shut off by the town for nonpayment, or any other violation of this title.

B. Advance Notice of Shut-Off. Prior to the shut-off of utility service because of nonpayment, the town clerk shall cause notice of at least seven days to be given as set forth in subsection C of this section. Notice is not required for service shut-off if requested by the customer, as necessary for repair, or in an emergency.

C. Shut-Off Notice – Form. A notice of termination of utility service shall include substantially the following information:

1. The date of the shut-off notice;

2. The address for Town Hall (where payment may be sent) and the phone number for Town Hall;

3. The reason the utility service has been shut off;

4. The fee that must be paid in order to reconnect the service;

5. A phone number for a town employee who may be contacted 24 hours a day about the utility service shut-off notice.

D. Posting. The notice of termination may be posted at the service address, mailed to the service address or delivered personally to the customer.

E. Nuisances. The fact that the town has terminated utility service does not affect the town’s determination at a later time that the premises are a nuisance, or the town’s ability to abate the nuisance as allowed by law.

F. When Water May Not Be Shut Off. As long as the town follows the procedures in this chapter the town shall have the right, at its option, to shut off service to the premises for which the account is delinquent; provided, that service is not to be shut off for those accounts which require water for the operation of life-sustaining machines or equipment. Such an exception shall require the submission of written documentation of the requirement signed by a licensed physician following each notice of delinquency and must be submitted to and approved by the mayor.

G. Removal of Meter. When a meter has been removed from any premises upon the application of the owner thereof, or for nonpayment of water charges by the town or for any other cause, including those set forth in this chapter, it shall be unlawful for any person again to reconnect such premises without town authorization until all arrearages for the premises have been paid, and application made for reinstallation of meter, and other cause corrected to the satisfaction of the town. [Ord. 567 § 2 (9.04.050), 2018.]