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A. Authority. The hearing examiner shall have the authority to determine whether or not there are sufficient grounds for the denial or revocation of the business license, pursuant to SPMC 5.05.130.

B. Order. The hearing examiner shall issue a written order that sets forth a procedural summary of the hearing, his or her findings of fact and conclusions of law, and his or her determination. In the event of a default judgment, the written order shall set forth whether notice was properly issued, the facts regarding the failure of the licensee to appear, and a determination of default in the event notice was proper. The written order shall be delivered to the parties by first class mail, deposited in the mail no more than 21 days following the conclusion of the hearing. The order of the hearing examiner shall become effective on the third day following placement of the order in the mail.

C. Appeal. An appeal of the order of the hearing examiner must be filed with the Superior Court within 21 days of the effective date of the order. [Ord. 606 § 2 (Exh. A), 2021.]