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A. When planning government-funded projects or soliciting and reviewing bids for such projects, South Prairie departments shall consider whether compost products can be used in the project. If compost products can be used, they must be used for projects in at least the following categories:

1. Landscaping projects.

2. Applications for erosion prevention, storm water runoff filter, vegetative growth, or to improve that longevity of roads.

3. Construction and postconstruction soil amendments.

4. Low-impact development of green infrastructure to filter pollutants or to keep water on site, or both.

B. Notwithstanding subsection A of this section, South Prairie departments are not required to procure, use, or require the use of compost or may use an alternate material if:

1. Compost products are not available to purchase.

2. Compost products are not available within a reasonable time or distance to the location where the work is being performed.

3. Available compost products do not comply with existing purchasing standards.

4. Available compost products do not comply with federal, state, or local health, quality, and safety standards.

5. Compost purchase prices are not reasonable or competitive.

C. The planning and public works department, or its successor department, is delegated the authority to provide any reporting to the state of Washington required by RCW 43.19A.150(5), as now or hereinafter amended. [Ord. 628 § 1 (Exh. A), 2023.]