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If any taxpayer fails to make a return or pay the fees or taxes therefor, or any part thereof, the clerk shall ascertain the amount of the fee or tax or installment thereof due and shall notify the taxpayer thereof, who shall be liable therefor in any suit or action by the town for the collection thereof. In the event that any taxes imposed by this chapter remain unpaid, the clerk may refer such claims to a collection agency or to the town prosecutor or town attorney for collection. If referred to the town prosecutor or town attorney for collection, the town prosecutor or town attorney shall, with the assistance of the clerk, collect the same by any appropriate means or by suit or action in the name of the town. In the event that the town prevails on any claim that a taxpayer is in noncompliance with the terms of this chapter, the town shall be entitled to an award of its reasonable attorneys’ fees and other professional expenses associated with prosecuting the action. [Ord. 569 § 3, 2018.]