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If any taxpayer fails to apply for a business license, as provided in SPMC Title 5, or make his or her return, or if the clerk is dissatisfied as to the correctness of the statements made in the application or return of any taxpayer, the clerk, or his or her designee, may:

A. Enter the premises of such taxpayer at any reasonable time for the purpose of inspecting and auditing the taxpayer’s books or records to ascertain the amount of the fee or tax or to determine the correctness of such statements, as the case may be;

B. Examine any person under oath administered by the clerk, or his or her designee, touching the matters inquired into; or

C. Fix a time and place for an investigation of the correctness of the return, and issue a subpoena to the taxpayer, or any other person, to attend such investigation and testify, under oath administered by the clerk, or his or her agent, in regard to the matters inquired into and may, by subpoena, require him or her, or any person, to bring with him or her such books, records and papers as may be necessary.

In the event that any such audit reveals an underpayment of 10 percent or more, the taxpayer shall, in addition to the penalties provided by this chapter, be responsible for all of the costs associated with the audit, including, but not limited to, staff time and overhead, accounting fees, professional service fees, and attorneys’ fees. [Ord. 569 § 3, 2018.]