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In the trial of actions brought for violation of any portion of an ordinance of the town of South Prairie, no jury shall be allowed and no change of venue shall be allowed from the police judge except as provided in RCW 35.27.535. In actions brought before such police justice to enforce or recover any license penalty or forfeiture declared or given by any portion of an ordinance of the town of South Prairie and in all other civil actions, the manner commencing them, the manner of obtaining service upon the defendants, the procedure during the pendency of the action and for the enforcement of the judgment shall be provided in the case of civil action before justices of the peace. All civil and criminal proceedings before a police justice and judgments rendered by him shall be subject to writ of review or appeal in the same manner as provided in RCW 35.22.530 through 35.22.560; provided, that an appeal from proceeding may be taken only in accordance with RCW 46.63.090(5). [Ord. 124 § 1, 1980.]