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Pursuant to RCW 35.27.160, the mayor shall preside as chair over all meetings of the council at which he or she is present. A mayor pro tempore may be chosen by the council at the first regular council meeting following each election year, for a period not to exceed two years, to act as the mayor in the absence of the mayor. The chair shall preserve decorum at meetings, rule on points of order, and put all motions stated to a vote. The mayor may not make or second motions, but may participate in debate and cast a vote to break a tie among councilmembers in circumstances allowed by state law. The mayor shall sign all warrants drawn on the treasury and shall sign all written contracts entered into by the town. The mayor may administer oaths and affirmations, and take affidavits and certify them. The mayor shall sign all conveyances made by the town and all instruments which require the seal of the town. The mayor is authorized to acknowledge the execution of all instruments executed by the town which require acknowledgment. [Ord. 620 § 1, 2022; Ord. 531 § 1 (2.01.090), 2013.]