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A. Review of development plans shall be carried out by the town planner, town engineer, and building inspector for all buildings and structures hereafter erected, constructed, structurally altered, repaired or moved within or into any district requiring development plan review and whenever a town permit is required, and for the use of vacant land or for a change in the character or the use of land or buildings, within any district requiring development plan approval.

B. The development plan review is an administrative review, the primary purpose of which is to define and describe the needs of the particular site covered by a development plan in reference to the requirements of this title. In addition to the requirements of this title, the town council shall approve a development plan only after the following standards, as a minimum, when applicable, have been incorporated into the development plan:

1. Storm drainage must be handled by each proposed development in conformance with existing storm drainage plans and in conformance with town policies for storm drainage.

2. A planned street system is a primary element of any development plan proposed within the town and must be compatible with the town’s circulation plans. Development which is proposed in areas of the town which have a planned street system which is a part of the comprehensive plan or the town’s six-year plan, and any other street plan, shall make provisions for such streets and must not cause implementation of such street plans to become unattainable because the street plan is considered secondary to the development plan.

3. A pedestrian circulation system must become a part of any development plan when the proposed development will generate or attract pedestrians. The planning commission shall conduct site plan review to ensure that adequate parking is provided within close proximity to each unit entrance.

4. The proposed development shall be compatible with existing development adjacent to or within 300 feet of the property line of the proposed development. Compatibility shall not refer to architectural design features, but to siting of building and location of off-street parking.

5. Efforts shall be made to preserve natural vegetation, creeks or other environmental amenities.

6. The town planner shall determine that the proposed development meets the provisions of the zoning code, Chapter 17.04 SPMC.

7. All fees shall refer to the current rate and/or fee resolution. [Ord. 378 § 2 (Exh. 1), 1999.]