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In addition to the information requested in the conditional use permit application the following items shall be required for a wireless communications facility application and review:

A. A site plan which shows existing and proposed transmission structures, warning signs, fencing and access restrictions.

B. A diagram or map showing the visual impact of the proposed structure on that area within a minimum radius of 500 feet from the site.

C. A map showing the service area of the proposed WCF and an explanation of the need for that facility at the proposed site. The explanation shall also include technological evidence that the height of the proposed facility is the minimum height necessary to fulfill the cell site’s function.

D. Landscape plan.

E. A signed statement indicating:

1. The telecommunications company holds a valid license as required by state and federal law;

2. The applicant agrees to allow for the potential collocation of additional WCF equipment by other providers on the applicant’s structure or within the same site location;

3. That the applicant agrees to remove the facility within 12 months after that site’s use is discontinued;

4. A notarized signed affidavit by the property owner, if different from the facility owner, that the facility owner has a legal lease agreement, or option to lease agreement, or grant easement. [Ord. 339 § 8, 1997.]