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The following standards shall be applied to all wireless equipment, such as antenna(s) and equipment shelters. Transmission towers shall meet the standards of SPMC 15.88.070, in addition to the requirements of this section.

A. No wireless equipment reviewed under this section shall be located within required building setback areas.

B. The combined antenna(s) and supporting structure shall not exceed 15 feet above the existing or proposed support structure (i.e., existing tower or building).

C. No wireless equipment shall be used for the purpose of signage or message display of any kind.

D. Location of wireless communication antenna(s) on existing buildings shall be screened or camouflaged to the greatest practical extent possible by the use of compatible materials, location, color, and/or other stealth tactics to maximize compatibility of the antenna(s) with its support structure.

Screening of wireless equipment shall be provided with one or a combination of the following materials: fencing, walls, landscaping, structures, or topography which will block the view of equipment and structures as practicable from any street and from the yards and main floor living areas of residential properties within approximately 500 feet. Screening may be located anywhere between the base and the above-mentioned viewpoints. All screening shall be reviewed and approved by the design review board as part of the telecommunications facility permit process.

E. A WCF shall be removed by the facility owner within 12 months of the date it ceases to be operational or if the facility falls into disrepair and is not maintained. Disrepair includes structural features, paint, landscaping, or general lack of maintenance which could result in safety or visual impacts. [Ord. 339 § 6, 1997.]