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A. Preexisting WCFs. WCFs for which a permit has been issued prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter shall not be required to meet the requirements of this chapter as further specified in this chapter.

B. Exclusion of Amateur Radio Facilities. This chapter shall not govern the installation of any amateur radio facility that is owned and operated by a federally licensed amateur radio station operator or is used exclusively for receiving-only antenna(s).

C. Exclusion of Small Satellite Dishes. This chapter shall not govern the installation of small satellite dishes (i.e., one meter or less in any land use category and two meters or less in any industrial or commercial zoning districts).

D. SEPA Exemptions. In accordance with Washington State Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2828, the following facilities will not require an environmental analysis:

1. A microcell to be attached to an existing structure that does not include a residence or a school; and

2. Personal wireless service antenna(s) attached to an existing structure which is not a residence or school within commercial, industrial, forest, and agricultural zoning districts (including existing towers); and

3. A personal wireless service tower less than 60 feet in height located in a commercial, industrial, forest, or agricultural zoning district.

E. Relationship to Other Ordinances. This chapter supersedes all conflicting requirements of other codes and ordinances regarding the locating and permitting of WCFs. [Ord. 339 § 2, 1997.]