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A. The purpose of this chapter is to establish appropriate locations, site development standards, and permit requirements to allow wireless communication facilities within the town of South Prairie, in a manner which provides for a wide range of locations and options for wireless communication providers while minimizing the unsightly characteristics associated with wireless communication facilities and to encourage creative approaches in locating wireless communication facilities which will blend in with the surroundings of such facilities.

B. The goals of this chapter are to:

1. Encourage the location of towers in nonresidential areas and minimize the total number of towers throughout the community;

2. Encourage strongly the joint use of new and existing tower sites;

3. Encourage users of towers and antennas to locate them, to the extent possible, in areas where the adverse impact on the community is minimal;

4. Encourage users of towers and antennas to configure them in a way that minimizes the adverse visual impact of the towers and antennas; and

5. Enhance the ability of the providers of telecommunications services to provide such services to the community quickly, effectively, and efficiently. [Ord. 339 § 1, 1997.]