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A. A new Section 3205.6.1 is hereby added to the International Fire Code, adopted in SPMC 15.80.010, which shall read as follows:

Section 3205.6.1, Signage.

Facilities designed in accordance with this section shall include the appropriate signage (as shown below) and shall be properly posted as described herein.

Example of approved signage required for use of Section 3205.6.1, as amended:

1. This sign must be posted prior to building being occupied.

2. Mount signs at 50'0" O.C. on all walls starting 25'0" from any exterior corner; also on two sides of each column.

3. Signage required on end of racks, if installed in rows.

B. Additionally, signage shall comply with Section 310.3 of the International Fire Code, which requires the fire code official to approve the content, lettering, size, color and location of required “No Smoking” signs. [Ord. 557 § 4, 2017.]