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A. Subject to subsection B of this section, all public streets, sidewalks, and other common areas or facilities in subdivisions created after the effective date of this chapter must be sufficiently illuminated to ensure the security of property and the safety of persons using such streets, sidewalks, and other common areas or facilities.

B. All entrances and exits in substantial buildings used for nonresidential purposes and in multifamily residential developments must be adequately lighted to ensure the safety of persons and the security of the buildings.

C. All outdoor lights must be low sodium or similar lamp type and be down-shielded to prevent light pollution.

D. Lighting within any lot that unnecessarily illuminates any other lot or public right-of-way and substantially interferes with the use or enjoyment of such other lot or public right-of-way is prohibited.

E. Lighting for automated teller machines or night deposit facilities must be provided in accordance with RCW 19.174.050. [Ord. 378 § 2 (Exh. 1), 1999.]