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A. To assure safe and quality construction of side sewers, and safe and quality connection of side sewers to the public sewers of the town, no person, other than the owner of the property involved, may construct, install, repair, reconstruct, excavate, or connect to the public sewers of the town any side sewer, unless he is:

1. A side sewer contractor holding a valid, unsuspended current certificate of registration issued by the Department of Licenses of the state of Washington (pursuant to Chapter 18.27 RCW); or

2. A qualified employee of the town.

B. All such registered side sewer contractors and/or qualified town employees:

1. Must adhere at all times to the then-current requirements of the town relating to side sewers, connections to public sewers, and side sewer contractors, including reasonable requirements of the town engineer relating to construction, installation, reconstruction and repair of side sewers; and

2. Will be liable for all damage to the public sewers and sewage treatment plant of the town. [Ord. 378 § 2 (Exh. 1), 1999.]