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A. A developer must obtain a side sewer permit for any connection to the town sewer system.

B. A permit, which includes side sewer work in a public area or the connection with or opening into any public sewer other than through the normal connection point of a “Y,” “T,” or stub, will only be issued to a registered side sewer contractor or qualified town employee.

C. A permit, which includes side sewer work on private property, will only be issued to:

1. The owner of the property (but such permit does not allow the owner to connect the side sewer to a public sewer except through the normal opening of a “Y,” “T,” or stub under the supervision of the town engineer or his representative);

2. A registered sewer contractor; or

3. A qualified town employee.

D. Side sewer permits are not transferable. No authorized person, including any sewer contractor or qualified town employee, may lay any pipe pursuant to any other person’s permit.

E. No permit will be issued for side sewer connection before the town accepts the main sewer. [Ord. 378 § 2 (Exh. 1), 1999.]