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All building permit applications must be reviewed to determine whether the proposed building site will be reasonably safe from flooding. The base flood elevation and the lowest floor level elevation must be shown on all building permit applications. If a proposed building site is in a special flood hazard area, all new construction and substantial improvements shall be:

A. Designed (or modified) and adequately anchored to prevent flotation, collapse, or lateral movement of the structure resulting from hydrodynamic and hydrostatic loads, including the effects of buoyancy;

B. Constructed with materials resistant to flood damage;

C. Constructed by methods and practices that minimize flood damages; and

D. Constructed with electrical, heating, ventilation, plumbing, and air conditioning equipment and other service facilities that are designed and/or located so as to prevent water from entering or accumulating within the components during conditions of flooding. [Ord. 556 § 2, 2017.]