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A. After a project permit application is complete according to SPMC 15.08.080, the town planner will begin compiling an official file on each project permit application filed. An official file contains the following:

1. The application materials submitted by the applicant;

2. The town planner’s report, which summarizes his findings, conclusions, and recommendations involving a project permit application;

3. Any other staff reports prepared;

4. All written testimony received on the matter;

5. The electronic recording and minutes of any public hearing or review on the matter;

6. The recommendation of the planning commission on the application, if applicable;

7. The decision of the town council;

8. Any other information relevant to the matter; and

9. Certification of publication of legal notices, a copy of the mailed notification of application, and the date of mailing.

B. The official file is a public record. It is available for inspection and copying at Town Hall during regular business hours. Availability may be temporarily restricted during or before public hearings while staff is preparing for the hearing.

C. Official files will be kept in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 40.14 RCW (the Public Records Act). [Ord. 378 § 2 (Exh. 1), 1999.]