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A. For all permit applications requiring approval by the town council, the town council must adopt a single report stating the decision(s) on the permit(s). The report must state applicable findings of fact and conclusions of law. The report will serve as the permit(s). The report must:

1. State any mitigation required under the development regulations or under the town’s SEPA program. For applications that are not exempt from SEPA requirements, the report must include or append the SEPA threshold determination, if a SEPA threshold determination has not been previously issued.

2. Describe applicable deadlines for and methods of appeal.

3. Be provided to the applicant.

4. Be provided to any person who, before the publication of the report, requested notice of the decision or submitted substantive comments on the application.

5. Be issued within the time limit described in SPMC 15.08.130.

B. For all permit applications which require a report of decision, the town must publish a summary of the report of decision in the town’s official newspaper. [Ord. 378 § 2 (Exh. 1), 1999.]