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Applications for project permits must be submitted upon forms provided by the town. An application must contain all materials required by this title, and must include the following general information:

A. A completed projects permit application form;

B. A verifiable statement by the applicant that the property affected by the application is in the exclusive ownership of the applicant, or that the applicant has submitted the application with the consent of all the owners of the affected property;

C. A property and/or legal description of the site for all applications, as required by the applicable development regulations;

D. Designation of a single person/entity and address to receive determinations and notices required by this chapter;

E. The applicable fee (see current fee schedule);

F. When work is proposed in or near water, a JARPA (Joint Aquatic Resource Permits Application) form must be submitted;

G. In order to obtain a building permit for certain uses, applicants must supply evidence of adequate water supply, as required by RCW 19.27.097;

H. Evidence of sewer availability. [Ord. 378 § 2 (Exh. 1), 1999.]