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A. An applicant may request integrated and consolidated review and decision on two or more project permits relating to a proposed project action. This includes a single application review and approval process covering all project permits requested by the applicant for all or part of a project action. This also includes a designated permit coordinator. If an applicant elects the consolidated permit review process, the determination of completeness, notice of application, and report of decision must include all project permits being reviewed through the consolidated permit review process.

B. There are different categories of project permits in the town of South Prairie including:

1. Proposals that are categorically exempt from Chapter 43.21C RCW, that do not require environmental review or public notice, and that are decided by the town council;

2. Permits that require environmental review, but no open record pre-decision hearing, and that are decided by the town council; and

3. Permits that require a threshold determination, an open record pre-decision hearing by the town council, and a decision by the town council.

C. If an applicant requests consolidated permit processing, and a project action requires project permits from more than one category, all of the project permits will be reviewed according to the review procedures that are required for the permit requiring the most review.

D. Consolidated permit review may include a single open record hearing and no more than one closed record appeal as provided in RCW 36.70B.060.

E. In consolidated permit review, the decision-making bodies must develop a timeline for permit approval and must jointly conduct a single open record hearing and work together on making the required findings of fact. The decision-making bodies will issue separate reports of decision, but will package them together. (RCW 36.70B.120) [Ord. 378 § 2 (Exh. 1), 1999.]