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A. The town has a progressive dispute resolution process consisting of the following steps: Step 1, Initial Conference Review; Step 2, Town Council Review.

B. When initiating a dispute, an applicant or a customer must clearly state the nature of the dispute, the amount or action being disputed, why it is being disputed, and what corrective action is being sought.

C. Except for disputes being reviewed by the town council, there is no requirement that disputes or appeals be made in writing. Disputes or appeals may be submitted in writing at any step in the dispute process.

D. Disputes need to be initiated in a timely manner following receipt of a bill that contains disputed charges. An appeal of the town’s decision on an application for water and/or sewer service shall be submitted in writing within 15 days after the town’s written decision.

E. The town will make every effort to respond to the customer’s dispute during the initial conference review. All customer disputes and responses will be timely noted on the customer’s account record.

F. If the dispute/appeal is not resolved at the initial conference review, the customer/applicant may submit the dispute/appeal to the town council.

G. The town council will address the dispute/appeal during a regular town council meeting. The town council’s response shall be reduced to writing and forwarded to the customer/applicant. The town council’s decision on a dispute/appeal shall be final. [Ord. 567 § 2 (9.04.100), 2018.]