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A. Request. A town water utility customer may apply in writing to the town for a water leak adjustment. The submittal of such a request does not extend the period for payment of the water bill. Requests for adjustments on delinquent accounts will not be acted upon until the account balance is paid.

B. When Request May Be Submitted – Eligibility. A water leak adjustment is permitted once in an 18-month period and may only be applied to one billing period. If a leak adversely affects two bills and the customer showed due diligence in fixing the leak in a timely manner, a second adjustment will be considered by the town. To be eligible for a rate adjustment, the customer must demonstrate all of the following:

1. The affected water line must be owned by or be subject to the exclusive control of the customer;

2. The increase of water usage for which an adjustment is sought must be due to a verifiable water leak in the water line between the customer’s side of the water meter and the customer’s residence or structure;

3. The water usage sought for adjustment must exceed two times the customer’s highest usage in any single billing period during the 12 months prior to the billing period sought for adjustment;

4. The customer must apply for a water leak rate adjustment within 30 days of the town’s issuance of the water bill sought for adjustment; and

5. The customer must provide proof that the affected water line has been repaired, such as photos of the repair or a receipt from a licensed plumber.

C. Council’s Determination on Adjustment. The town council will address the request for an adjustment during a regular town council meeting. The town council’s determination on the adjustment shall be reduced to writing and forwarded to the customer/applicant. The town council’s decision on a determination of the adjustment shall be final.

D. Approval. If approved, the town shall make a water leak rate adjustment by issuing a credit to the customer’s account. The adjustment shall not exceed the total water usage for the billing period sought for adjustment minus the customer’s average water usage. For purposes of this subsection, the “average water usage” shall be computed by determining the total volume of water consumed, under normal conditions, during the preceding 12 months and dividing that total volume by the number of times the town would typically read the customer’s water meter in a 12-month period. For customers who have been receiving service for less than 12 months, the average water usage shall be based on average usage during the months of service. In no instance shall the water leak adjustment exceed $800.00. [Ord. 567 § 2 (9.04.090), 2018.]