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A. Owner of Property Must Be Identified. If residential real property is rented, the property owner (or designee) shall provide, in writing, the real property owner’s complete and accurate mailing address to the town.

B. Owner May Request Duplicate Bills.

1. The property owner may request in writing that the town provide the property owner with a duplicate of the utility bills sent to the tenant, or the town may notify the property owner that the tenant’s utility account is delinquent. If the property owner has provided the town with a complete and accurate mailing address, the town shall notify the owner or the owner’s designee of a residential tenant’s delinquency at the same time and in the same manner as the town notifies the tenant of the tenant’s delinquency, or by mail.

2. When the town is providing the property owner or the owner’s designee with duplicates of the residential tenant’s utility service bills or notice that the tenant’s utility account is delinquent, the town shall notify the tenant that it is providing the duplicate bills or delinquency notice to the owner/owner’s designee.

3. The property owner is required to notify the town within 14 days of the termination of the rental agreement and vacation of the premises. If the owner or the owner’s designee fails to provide this notice to the town, then the town is not limited to enforcement of the bill as set forth in RCW 35.21.217(4).

C. The procedures in RCW 35.21.217(5) shall also apply to multiple residential rental units receiving utility service through a single utility account. [Ord. 567 § 2 (9.04.040), 2018.]