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The purpose of this section is to grant nonsubstantive editorial authority to format future ordinances, amendments, and revisions to the code so that textual changes are uniform to the provisions of the code.

A. The town clerk and/or designee shall provide for a uniform style and form of the South Prairie Municipal Code by making minor corrections or revisions to any ordinances submitted for filing which do not affect their sense, meaning, effect or substance.

B. Such changes include renumbering, relettering, capitalizing, punctuation, dividing provisions of the code, providing new headings and catchlines, and correcting omissions or captions.

C. The town clerk and/or designee may substitute a current title of an agency, bureau, committee, or commission to conform to changes to titles or duties enacted by law or ordinance.

D. The town clerk and/or designee may substitute references to a title, chapter, or section of the South Prairie Municipal Code to conform to changes enacted by ordinance.

E. The town clerk and/or designee may also make minor editorial changes consistent with those outlined in this section.

F. Changes are subject to the approval of the town attorney. [Ord. 597 § 6, 2020.]