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The town clerk or designee shall have the following specific authority as to editing, rearranging, and/or grouping of ordinances:

A. Editing ordinances to the extent deemed necessary or desirable for the purpose of modernizing and clarifying the language of such ordinances, but without changing the substance or meaning of any such ordinance;

B. Substituting for the term “this ordinance,” where necessary, the term “section,” “part,” “code,” “chapter,” “title,” or reference to specific section or chapter numbers, as the case may require;

C. Correcting manifest errors in reference to other ordinances, laws and statutes, and manifest spelling, clerical or typographical errors, additions, or omissions;

D. Dividing long sections into two or more sections and rearranging the order of sections to ensure a logical arrangement of subject matter;

E. Changing the wording of section captions, if any, and providing captions to new chapters and sections;

F. Striking provisions manifestly obsolete and eliminating conflicts and inconsistencies so as to give effect to the legislative intent. [Ord. 597 § 5, 2020.]